We know that cartoons are one of the cornerstones in the stoner nation, we see it’s inspiration in the glass, paintings, packaging and even weed names can be named after these animated jewels. The older Stoners watch cartoons from the late 70’s until now while the younger generation gravitates to more modern cartoons starting from mid 90’s with Dexters Laboratory, power puff girls and so on. After years of research and multi-binging here are the Top 5 Cartoons to watch when your high.
1.Rick and Morty, fun for all ages over 18! This show reminds you of a “ Back to the Future” gone wrong. With every episode taking your further and further into the reaches of weird space and unimaginable parallel universes, the rude, to the point old man and his clueless grandson go on adventures brining you a whole list of color characters.
Currently Season 3 of Rick and Morty is being drawn out with rumors of it’s release in April. The last slither of hope rested in a small video talking about how cartoons are made and what stages they were at. What I love about this show is that you can see the creators in every aspect of their work.

2. Samurai Jack, is back and in full swing. Still in running, if you haven’t checked out the new revamp of Sam Jack your missing out. Genndy Tartakovsky the award winning artist behind Power Puff Girls and Dexters Laboratory is back in a 10 episode limited run of the Samurai. Last time we seen Jack, was 13 years ago and with the ending of season 4, none of the fans got closure.
What I like about Samurai Jack is that it keeps its core iconic art style, there is not a lot of dialogue but the sounds are amazing and when the music drops, its with purpose. The characters are not like the robots you seen rampant in seasons 1-4. Samurai Jack Season 5 is a must watch.

3.Family Guy, your probably thinking “really this played out show of ADHD?” Yes but, if you watch the older episodes the writing was way before its time. Peter Griffin the star idiot of the show actually had some really nice one liners and comebacks that are just spot on in most cases. The animation is really not to be celebrated but Old school Quagmire, Stewie, and the Chicken are as funny as they have even been.
What I really enjoy about the first few seasons of Family Guy is that it was groundbreaking. Without the creatively funny mind of Seth MacFarlane and his dropped shows, wouldn’t have most of the raunchy cartoons we have today.

4.Bobs Burgers, absolutely one of the best cartoon shows ever written in my opinion. At first glance, this show can be off putting but after you are able to spend some time is Bob and the rest of his family, you will soon realize that this show is packed with comedy gold.
What puts this on my list of Top 5 Cartoons to watch when your high is that you get some really good and exaggerated characters and it would seem as if the Belchers do some growing along the series. Most importantly, Tina.

5. Last but not least the Regular Show. This tale of Mordecai and Rigby had to grow on me for a few episodes. This show has a few hit and misses but the good episodes are really good. The animation is really simple and the story lines are farfetched. Most of the characters have really good back story and later on some of the supporting crew become your favorites. Did I mention how odd the characters are?! You really cant box in the regular show, its more to be experienced.
There are many mainstream and independent cartoons available for the the High of thought, these are just a few at the tip of the Ice berg, we would love to hear about some of your top 5 cartoons you watch when your high in the comments below.