Thon, the evolution of edibles.

There have always been people experimenting with weed and food. For those who do it more than just a hobby or just for friendly get together, the game can get pretty serious.


Kush High Life and I had the pleasure of trying a few of Thon’s very delicious edibles and their cannabis arsenal is amazing. With way over 10 products, the taste with each edible was amazing, had to literally put down the red velvet cake with the cream filling. The peanut butter and oatmeal cookies were flawless and keep in mind dabbers and dabbettes, there was absolutely no weed taste in Thon’s edibles, and they are vacuum sealed to lock in the freshness which makes them absolutely dangerous.


The only thing I would like to see Thon do, is put calorie counters on their packaging. You have to keep in mind that these 30 – 50 mg treats will get you nice and toasted. They feel more like 75-120 mg’s, these stacks are pretty strong and just like pringles, once you pop one the fun is really hard to stop. Even as stand alone snacks these stand up to popular main stream brands. If you can get your lips around thon products, you wont regret it.