The High Times Cannabis Cup Survival Guide


high times cannabis cup

With legalization popping up at every turn, chances are if you smoke weed your going to want to interact with the growing cannabis culture. One of the best places to do that is the High Times Cannabis Cup. There are other places to mingle with your fellow stoners but nothing like the cup. Over the years, Kush High Life have compiled wisdom and hand written notes while in attendance of the cannabis cup. Dabber and Dabbettes we  present to you the Cannabis Cup Survival Guide. With 2017 around the corner that means we have a full year to smoke and experience the latest and greatest around the nation.  Here are some things to know when going.

Medical Marijuana Card

  1. Not all states are legal across the board. It is good to have your medical marijuana card handy when you register. Usually at the cup there are 2 sections, the medicated and the non medicated sections. Personally we have never been to the non medicated sides but there. If your not sure how to obtain your medical marijuana card please talk to your local dispensary, delivery and ask to see if any on site doctors are available.

Please allow your medical card 1-4 months to be delivered there is also a fee to fill out the paperwork and a small amount of money goes to the state so that you do have your license. This is your 1st line of defense in making sure you have a great time at the cup.

Pre – Sale tickets

2.If you think your going to the Cup, chances are when you come closer to the day you began to get a little ansy. The early bird tickets are the way to go. For the price of a regular ticket you can get some really nice bells and whistles that the more advanced tickets have. You only get these perks if you catch the early bird special. Make sure you keep an eye for then the tickets drop.


3.During the cup, you encounter tons of terry cannabis and we know that one of the effects of marijuana is dry mouth. It’s no exception at the cup if anything it is heightened. Already, with decently priced bottles of water. Chap stick is something they do not carry on Cup grounds very much, usually if you can catch Michigan Organic Rub with their topicals they carry chap stick. It masks the reminder your mouth is dry and can usually help with the thirst situation for a few extra minutes.

Breathe freshener

3.If you do find yourself without a bottle of water, juice or chap stick, a breath freshener a simple as a stick of gum can do wonders all around. Make sure you have this handy who know when your friends may need some.

Alcohol Swabs.

4.During the High Times Cannabis Cup, may vendors offer free dabs, while that is fantastic, may do not offer swabs, I love the cannabis community but since we don’t know everyone its better safe than sorry. These are inexpensive boxes of perfection that can pick up in the medical aisle at any convenient store.

Pre-Rolls burn white ash

5.Make sure when smoking out of a raw cone backwood or any other rolling papers that weed in your papers burn white ash. Not all weed is created equal and this is a tale tale to see if you are smoking weed with or without chemicals. While everyone strives to deliver a great product, there are still companies who don’t miss look certain steps.

At least 500.00

6.There are Tons of cannabis and related accessories available with donations. Most cannabis come with pipes, shirts, and roach clips so make sure you bring a sturdy bag where you can compartmentalize your haul. During the cup, many vendors discount their products so you really get some bang for your buck. On average the past three years KHL has spent an average of 500.00 in cannabis related goods alone, another 750 in glass. Make sure you budget or you’ll be sorry.

Decent Hotel Rooms

7.With enough time, you can get really nice hotel rooms next to the Auto City Speedway. During the time of the Cannabis Cup, hotel rooms can double and in some cases triple due to the event. Many of the closer hotel rooms are on the main road and calls for an easy drive. Early Bird gets the worm

Treasure Map

8.Can’t stay the full two days? Make sure you pick up a program when entering the cannabis cup, hit up your favorite vendors and products first. It’s really good to pre-game, each year the cup gets bigger and bigger. You can research by hash tagging terms and products in instagram or twitter to see specials and began compiling a list of booth numbers. This will save you tons of time and allow you to experience more of the cup.

High Times Cannabis Cup Map

Stay for the Weed Music

9.High Times is getting really good at booking quality performances. Reference your program and make sure you have a few doobs rolled up to celebrate with the community. It is an amazing experience getting lifted with so many other people. If your not quite a people person, something that deals with anxiety would do the trick for a few weed songs. The Weed songs performed at the cup are one of the main gems at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Don’t get blow’d to early

10.The cannabis cup itself will get you high in time. Don’t go all out on your first dabbing station. Treat the stations as if you were wine tasting, while everyone enjoys monster dabs you have to keep in mind that there is a lot of ground to cover. Try and enjoy the terps see what taste you enjoy and when you’ve tasted them all, go back for your donations. Don’t experience the cup half full.

Keep these stoner tips in mind as the coming months approach. We would love to hear some of your must haves when attending a cup in the comment below.