A weed strain review of Super Goji Haze by Alex Blur and Ms. Blaze

golden cobra

Alex: Hey. What’s going on, dabbers and dabettes? Alex Blair and Ms. Blaze here with us. She’s taking the first toke of Super Goji Haze
Ms. Blaze: Smooth.
Alex: All right. How does it taste?
Ms. Blaze: It’s a very earthy taste, but it’s smooth. Let me hit this again.
Alex: She’s going in for a second toke. Look at that smoke.
Ms. Blaze: Very smooth.
Alex: All right. Let’s see what we got. I’m stepping up to the plate
Ms. Blaze: It has a nice flavor.
Alex: Okay. Okay. Let’s see what we got. This is very earthy. It’s a light taste. It kind of gets me in the nose.
Ms. Blaze: Not like …
Alex: That Golden Cobra?
Ms. Blaze: Right.
Alex: The Pot of Gold?
Ms. Blaze: Right, not that kind of head.
Alex: It’s not. Let me …
Ms. Blaze: It makes you go in twice, like, “Oh, this is very smooth.”
Alex: I feel it automatically right behind the eyes.
Ms. Blaze: I’m testing now in our Bob Marley pipe, the little hitter. The little hitter is hitting hard. What do you think?
Alex: I wish there was a little bit more taste to it.
Ms. Blaze: Right.
Alex: It reminds me of Golden Cobra. Yeah, Golden Cobra, where it’s hitting nice, but there wasn’t a lot of taste in it.
Ms. Blaze: It’s just got that earthy taste, and that’s it.
Alex: It does. It’s just an earth taste, and that’s …
Ms. Blaze: It’s not like Gold and the rest of them that has an aroma.
Alex: The smell didn’t hit you, the taste didn’t hit you.
Ms. Blaze: No.
Alex: This definitely wouldn’t make the hit list.
Ms. Blaze: No. No. It wouldn’t make the hit list. being a super haze, you would expect a little more in the punch department.
Alex: Exactly. Exactly.
Ms. Blaze: That punch is not there.
Alex: It’s not a bad high. This definitely wouldn’t be on my top five.
Ms. Blaze: It wouldn’t make the list.
Alex: I’m still waiting for the effects to really punch through.
Ms. Blaze: It’s very mild.
Alex: We’re going to come back to you, ladies and gents. We’re going to give this about 10, 15 minutes to see how it is.
Ms. Blaze: Yeah. It’s not what would wake me and bake me. This would put me to sleep.
Alex: It does feel like an indica. It feels like it is pulling you down.
Ms. Blaze: Yeah.
Alex: Once again, the effects aren’t heavy.
Ms. Blaze: I told you, at the beginning, it was more like a muscle relaxant. Your shoulders got really droopy and loose, and now, at this point, I’m still waiting for something, and it’s not there.
Alex: It’s not. It’s not. At first, I thought it hit you behind the eyes, but that was the initial contact.Then I felt it in my shoulders. I still feel it in my shoulders.
Ms. Blaze: Yeah, muscle relaxing.
Alex: This reminds me of Catatonic. When you smoke it, you don’t get high from it. You just get all the CBDs.
Ms. Blaze: Right.
Alex: I have to do some research, but I think this may possibly be one of them, because the stress and stuff in my shoulders aren’t there. I feel a tug down.
Ms. Blaze: Right, but that’s it. You’re in a … Where, “I could take a nap.”
Alex: Yeah.
Ms. Blaze: I’m not a nap person.
Alex: It’s subtle.
Ms. Blaze: That particular one would not wake and bake. We’re talking about noon and shake, and it’s not there.
Alex: Well, you have it, ladies and gents, dabbers and dabettes. Super Goji Haze, we don’t know whether to make heads or tales of it, but if you can, leave us some comments below. Let us know your feelings and your past experiences with this marijuana strain. I don’t know our endocannabinoid systems are too crazy or what, but …
Ms. Blaze: It’s pretty clear.
Alex: Actually, yeah. You just feel the tug. It feels like indica, like a soft, very soft indica. I believe we are dealing with a sativa though.
Ms. Blaze: Very soft, this doesn’t feel like an indica.
Alex: Honestly, if you’re out with the family, or where you have to be functional, or you’re dealing with some pain, this might be good for that.
Ms. Blaze: It’s not good for a conversation.
Alex: No.
Ms. Blaze: I can go quiet on that.
Alex: Okay. Let us know what you think of Super Goji Haze, dabbers and dabettes. Looking forward to it. Talk to you soon.