This Ice-Cream Strain will get You Floored

A few days ago we picked up a strain we have never heard of before, Ice-cream, a indica dominate hybrid. 1st glance at the buds we didn’t see anything spectacular, when we tasted it, it has a slightly sweet and earthy after taste. Honestly, it wasn’t anything special until about 5 minutes after the for 1st few tokes. Then the Bass Dropped.

The weed strain Ice – cream sticks to you for a very long time with a great high. 1st you get a boost of energy but as the hours began to wind down, relaxation set in. Though, nothing was spectacular in it’s consumption the effects were quite powerful. This isn’t a weed strain where you need a few top offs in a day. If your on a budget and really want some bang for your buck, you wont be disappointed in Ice Cream.

Keep in mind, everyone has a different endocannabinoid system that responds differently from person to person. We would love to hear how the Ice Cream strain affected you in the comments below.