Golden Goat: The Best Super Sativa 2016

golden goat

Golden Goat: The Super Sativa

Today at KHL we’re going to be talking about the golden goat weed strain. Golden Goat is a super sativa that was made in by accident when Hawaiian-Romulan and MrDank’s freak Island Sweet Skunk mother got it on. The weed strain is named after the Golden Goat Recycling machines. When all the soda syrup smells would bake in the heat. We’re not breaking down the history and the percentages,w e’re talking about straight up.

The Un-bagging of Golden Goat

It’s a super sativa and what KHL found is … Well, everybody’s system takes weed strains differently, so like I said in the other articles before, What gets me high, necessarily won’t get you high. That’s one thing to take into consideration, but if we are the same profile, then the golden goat weed strain, some of the best weed that I’ve ever had in my whole entire life. I picked up the strain from the guys over at Mich Organics in Macomb the first thing that you notice is the smell, it’s super citrusy and really potent. It reminds us of when you first open a Sprite and you get that crisp aroma, it smells really good. It’s completely different from any other cannabis that you ever smelled. Well, at least that we ever smelled. It has been a High Times Cannabis Cup winner in the past and with every toke cannabis enthusiasts are amazed with the quality of both smell and taste.

golden goat

Golden goat we found, as long as you smoke it, you’re good, but as soon as you stop, that’s when the bass drops. I mean, you get all types of tired It feels like your hitting and indica as soon as you get done. Golden Goat is probably my top five weed strains, besides Trainwreck, Canatonic Number Four, Alien Technology, Girl Scout Cookie, and Chem Valley but if you guys can get your hands on it, I’d love to hear what you think. Let me know if you got high, spry, not high at all. Also, let us know what your other weeds are. Let us know what your favorites are.

Once again, thanks for hanging out at Kush High Life. We will love to hear what you guys have to say about this delicious Golden Goat. If you guys are in the Michigan area, and you guys have your cards, check out Mich Organics because they have it available and it is fire. I personally know some of the growers there and they age this stuff to perfection. Take it easy, guys. Talk to you soon.

The effects of Golden Goat Strain.

I’ve also found that Golden Goat really helps headaches and that tension right between your neck and your shoulders. Weed effects everyone differently, but with me, that headache went away super quick and I feel … Man. It’s good stuff. Check out Golden Goat at your local dispensary or your delivery and I love to know what you think. Send us pictures. Hit us up on the discussion. Let’s talk.