Fire weed, when everything is fire nothings fire.



In the cannabis community “fire weed” is a term that defines if a weed strain is good or not. It has been used since I’ve been in the industry from people all over the nation. My issue with fire is that it is primitive and since the stone ages we have created many things that have exceeded the temperature of fire. As a culture so rich in creativity and high thought, who would of thought the bar would of stopped here. We are going to look at some other terms in defining fire weed. Here are some other elements hotter than fire we can consider cause we know when everything is fire, nothings fire.

Lightning Weed

Lightning can reach up to 29000 degrees Celsius while even the suns flames only reach up to 5500 degrees Celsius. We have already seen people struck by lightning and its effects on the survivors. That already, to me sound better than fire weed. Imagine walking into a dispensary and having grades of cannabis to pick from. “This stuffs pretty good, this is ok, oh man that is fire, but if you really want something that will put you on your ass, here is that lightning .” Ha ha that would be awesome. I’d pay a few bucks extra too.

Atomic Bomb Weed, now we’re cooking with gas.

These weapons of mass destruction heat up at 111093.33 degrees Celsius and we have seen the destruction and fallout left behind by it’s force. “Can we get some Atomic bomb in here?” Now fire even compared to these two, it’s like comparing regular weed and cannabis that makes you dazed and confused. Theoretically, at this point I wouldn’t even smoke fire. It would be between Atomic Bomb weed strains or Super Nova. If on a budget, I may get some lightning and I would expect fire to be rolled into cheap pre-rolls.

Super Nova Weed

100Billion ( sounds like a power level from Dragon BallZ ) degrees Celsius is the temperature of an exploding star. This would be the creme dela creme of cannabis and for connoisseurs only.  These nugs would be wildly expensive and potent one grade higher than atomic bomb. The next time someone has “that fire” you could blow them out with supernova. The effects would have power of a exploding star.

So with all of this hotness available I think us are Kush High Life will began using this system to better define the weed we smoke and there you guys can know exactly what we are talking about without putting it into a box with everything else.