Kush High life just left the opening of Doctor Strange in 3D in IMAX, and it was interesting to say the least. The visuals were fantastic, we took edibles, and it’s almost like you’re looking at a kaleidoscope during some of the fight scenes, and the way that they manipulate the world around them, and opening up in four dimensions, It was pretty cool. I did have some Guardians of the Galaxy flashbacks when he kind of did his training, but I won’t give too many spoilers away.

Doctor Strange and his objects.

Doctor Strange
Marvel / Disneys Doctor Strange

The story was rushed was rushed. The training was too fast, the fight scenes were too quick, the comedy was spot on. I love the character development as far as the end of the movie and his primary quest goes. I’m looking forward to Dr Strange part two because in this movie hes playing with his new found powers. From one to ten, I’m going to give this movie a solid seven.

It could have been flushed out a little bit longer, delve into some of his teachings more. The fight scenes were different and I think the difference in the fight styles, made up for longevity of the fight scenes. With that being said I can’t wait for Doctor Strange part two The end credits were great. Make sure you guys stay for after the first one because there are two reveals and those are pretty good.