Weed Song: Asshole Performed at Capella Magazine

Capella Magazine

Asshole: A weed song that was performed at Capella Magazine

Above, is a preview of Asshole”, A weed song that can be found on Kush High Life Volume One. You’ll be able to get samples of that in the video. The Dead Rebel Society were able to debut Asshole, a stoner song at one of the dankest underground parties in Detroit, Mi

Yesterday, Kush High Life attended Capella Magazine’s Yojikan. Yojikan was a nice mash up of hip hop beats from around the city and well as open mic, live performances, body painting and stage painting. Kush High Life was able to meet a lot of people who are dedicated to creating amazng weed songs. The Kush did not stop flowing that whole night. It was one of the greatest underground scenes that I have been to,




Big shout out to Capella Magazine for making sure that Alex Blur was on the bill. He mentioned he got to meet a lot of fans.This is the first time that Alex actually been out in a public place to perform it’s craft. Big shout out to Cal Wu, Mike Jack, McFly, Hugo Biggs for their performances and $ULI with Capella for holding an event so Amazing.Also big shout out to Ray for holding it down. She was a fantastic host who seamlessly put everything together.

Overall, it was a really good night. Cool people. Herb flowing everywhere. Dancing. It was just good. So make sure you guys check out CapellaMagazine.com for more pictures and video that I don’t post here. See you soon.