Stoner Tip #2: Cannabis a key to unlocking creativity


 Cannabis a key to unlocking creativity

cannabisCannabis is definitively one of the many keys to unlocking creativity. I’ve been in the cannabis industry now going on three years, and before that I was an illustrator, did a lot of graphics for the government. Dabbled in pencil and paper, ink, and digital. Pretty much any means of visual art I’ve touched on in my lifetime. I really enjoy illustration, but it was not until a few years back I really started getting into it. To tell that story, I have to tell this one.

The First Time I Smoked Cannabis

The first time that I smoked weed, I was 19 years old. We were at a hotel party and I didn’t feel like drinking, so my cousin walks up, and he hands me a joint. I haven’t smoked cigarettes or anything at this time, so I take a puff, and I cough my lungs out, but five minutes later I laughed to hard, I vomited on the ceiling of the hotel room.Both funniest and sickest stuff ever, so after that I remember binging on the couch, and watching … What was on at the time? It was either Jerry Springer or Montel Williams, it was a talk show, but I grabbed my pen and paper, and I started drawing stuff that I usually didn’t draw. I come from a Andrew Loomis background, math and measurements. The basis for our artwork have a lot of structure, and this didn’t, but it made sense. I played around with this over the years. I studied when I was high or work out when I was high. I’d draw, Go into work blazed and I got more work done quicker, and with more expression.

Im a Glass Man.

Don’t be afraid to smoke and create. Wake, and bake, create. You don’t get better than that. Below I’ve posted a couple pictures of the work that I’ve created while medicating. My favorite form is just … I’m a glass man. I like bowls. My second form is joints. Third, blunts.I’m not a dab guy, and the reason for that is you take one, it lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour. You’re right back at square one, so I like something that has a little bit more longevity to it, so I don’t have to keep going back and forth, aGive me a good sativa like The Golden Goat, and I will be off to the races. I’ve also found out cannabis helps creativity by keeping you focused. It grounds you in the seat so you’re not so fidgety. You’re not distracted by this and distracted by that. You can really get into the groove of your creativity when you consume cannabis.

I hope this is something that everyone tries. Grab a paintbrush, grab a sketch book, grab a Wacom tablet, grab a notebook. Just get creative, consume, and see where it takes you. If you have done this, please mention in the comments how it’s helped, how it didn’t help, how it hindered, how has it gotten you out of a creative rut? Whatever it is, I want to hear from you. Thanks for tuning in to Kush High Life and I will talk to you guys soon.