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What is Kush High Life?

Kush High Life is a cannabis lifestyle blog created by a successful stoner, Alexander Blur. He is known in the cannabis community for his artwork and has now has drive to expand the cannabis community by creating music, clothes, and other media revolving around cannabis. Kush High Life is located in Detroit, Michigan and travels everywhere. We smoke the best cannabis, dab the best dabs, test the best oils, check out tinctures and edibles.

We have also teamed up with dispensaries, deliveries and other manufactures to review their products and services.

Kush High Life started back in 2013 when Alexander Blur worked as a professional illustrator in the government industry, and decided he had enough of the same cookie cutter clients. He then went to create illustrations for dispensary packaging, posters for those attending the Cannabis Cup, The Country Fair and Chalice, to name a few. a few years later Kush High Life was born. KHL brings to you entertainment from a successful stoners point of view. It brings you trippy and wild art, successful stoner tips, niche specific music, really all things relating to cannabis and shown in a creative light.

Make sure you check out KHL’s videos, music, art, and posts. Let us know what you think, we would love to hear back from you and have you a part of the community. We’re doing giveaways, custom art. It’s a lot of stuff going on with Kush High Life. Tune in every week to see what else knew that we have going on, whether it’s music, art, interviews, or strain reviews. Thank you for your time and thank you for always visiting Kush High Life.