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At, we strongly believe that everyone who requires medical marijuana should have quick access thereto. So, we would like to try everything in our power to form sure that these patients get the absolute best access to the absolute best medical marijuana that has got to offer. Ultimately, we love high-grade cannabis and every one of its derivatives and that we enjoy sharing it with our customers and friends that are in need. Buy weed online



As a leading medical Mail Order Marijuana Dispensary, we are committed to excellence, and only hire and train the most qualified and knowledgeable staff. We are also committed to providing the highest quality products possible on a consistent basis through our very own 70,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, pharmaceutical grade cultivation and processing facilities. We pride ourselves on always remembering the spirit of compassion and enjoyment that good cannabis can bring to nearly any occasion. weed for sale

KUSH HIGH LIFE is the best online weed shop that has a tendency of producing high-quality marijuana buds. We are proud to say all our products are grade A++ top quality from our Online Weed Shop. weed for sale online

With our years of experience in the marijuana industry, we have come to understand that marijuana is not the easiest thing to get, so we try as much as possible to make it possible for all those in need for both recreational or medicinal uses.
Our Dispensary strives to maintain and improve every phase of Marijuana businesses and satisfy the needs of our customers. All products at our site are available to be shipped – that means we have them in stock and can ship them to you within 3-4 hours after payment clearance. cannabis for sale


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NOTE : once you place an order contact us through live chat or email : or text/whatsapp +1 989 272 2307 to get payment details for cash app or wire transfer once you pay make sure you send a picture of the receipt to our email so that our cashier can confirm and your order send out then tracking number provided.


Our shipping is 100% discreet safe and secure, in-case we fail to deliver, we give a refund or send a second package . Shipping takes 24 hours within states and 1-2 days outside states and it may come sooner or later .

The most important things customers are very concern about are Quality and the Delivery of their products they order. For this reason, we have been redirecting most of our resources to ensure a fast and effective delivery schedule. By this way, we have special routes and stand by agents in a bid to facilitate our deliveries.

kush high life
kush high life
kush high life


At this moment we accept Bitcoin, because:

a) it’s more secure

b) it’s safe for you

c) it’s safe for us

d) no fees

Pay with Bitcoin in just 3 minutes

Please follow the steps carefully to get payment done with bitcoin.

– Go to your App Store and download App. It does Not Require any formal Registration or Verification.
– In the app you will find Bitcoin Cash (green) and Bitcoin Core (orange). Select Bitcoin Core.
– Select receive and tap the code to copy your Bitcoin address.
– Go back one step and select BUY BITCOIN NOW. It will prompt you to enter the amount you want to buy and your bitcoin wallet address below(the address you just copied )
– Enter your credit card info and your bitcoin will arrive in your wallet after being processed.
– Send to our bitcoin wallet address manually you received after checking out your order, or by simply scanning the code on checkout gateway for bitcoin using your bitcoin app to pay automatically to complete the payment for your order.

you can also use these other methods to buy bitcoins

Super easy, anyone could literally do it. The seller will provide you with all the information you need in order to complete the transaction. All you need to do is ask the seller for a bank slip