Stoners Guider to the Apocalypse.

       Tuesday, KHl had a meeting with the Echo Network in the heart of Royal Oak, Michigan to discuss Stoners Guide to the Apocalypse. Currently, for the past 9 months, Kush High Life appears on the weekly show Gamers Witt Attitude to discuss movies, games, and other pop culture content. We are now able to get our radio show up and running thanks to our partners.

Issues with weed media.

Looking at a few youtube videos and listening to other radio stations, we have learned that most in weed media address cannabis culture the same way. A few strain reviews, some bud shots, the legality and status of the industry with a few laughs here and there. While I and another few members and myself still enjoy that type of content, Kush high life needed to do something different. Before the show that was to be recorded, the idea of SGA popped in mind and we began fleshing it out there on the spot. Here is that recording.

What you can expect from Stoners Guider to the Apocalypse.

SGA will feel like those old 1920’s radio sitcoms where the children gathered around in their sundays best. Except, this time, the world will be on fire and center itself around 3 stoners who wake up to the end of the world. They find a way to travel back into time to see what had actually happened while they were passed out but end up going further than they wanted to. Now, set in a pre-historic time, they must find away to get back and save the world.

There will be tons of post production and editing to bring the style of what we are going for. There may even be a comic. Our 1st show airs Next Tuesday. February 1st. If your interested in being a character on the show or just want some really cool stuff, check out our patreon page for more details.